When a production company starts shooting a horror film in a 100 year old...and actually haunted...Sid Grauman built movie palace turned strip club in San Francisco, the "inhabitants" revolt and take over the movie for their own purposes with bizarre and shocking results.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Notes On The Shining/*Demon Cut*/Connection

When I started shooting G-string Horror interviews at the Market Street Cinema in Dec, 2011, I talked to a woman who had worked there as a dancer for many years, who most there thought was a “witch” and who claimed to “know” the many spirits who still “live” at the theater. The woman insisted on remaining anonymous, but finally did allow me to film her. She appears in G-string Horror in shadow with her voice disguised. The woman, we’ll call her Mariana, seems to be the “real thing”…very disturbing to be around at times. She told me that she sees the theater as the same as the Overlook Hotel in The Shining…still occupied by the dead who had worked there over the years and who will never leave. Mariana is obsessed with The Shining…feels that her and her dead friends are part of the Overlook/Shining family, and like to visit the hotel often. Very creepy.

- Gave customers psychic readings during her private dances in the back booths of the theater.
- Had a regular customer who worked at a film and video lab in San Francisco.
- Asked him if he could make her a copy of The Shining that ran backwards. Special messages revealed when watched that way.
- Even more occult meanings revealed if you watched it forwards and backwards at the same time. (Others have discovered this also. See previously posted director's notes.)
- The customer created a backwards/forwards Blu-Ray disc for her.
- She showed it after hours in the porno screening room of the theater for a select group of her clients, theater workers and “the dead ones”.
Her “friends” really liked to watch it this way.
- After G-string came out and Ghost Adventures made her and the ghosts of the theater extremely angry, she insisted that she and her friends make a *Demon Cut* of G-string to make things right. They flipped it backwards, superimposed it on itself, then did other things to it to reveal what they want to say through the film.
- After they did this, they screened it secretly in the closed theater along with their version of The Shining.
- To really set things right, she asked if it was possible to get both films in “The Festival” (Another Hole in the Head) where The G-string Horror showed last year.
- Mariana’s “friends” still “live” at the theater even though it’s closed. They and Mariana plan to be at the Another Hole in the Head screenings of “their” version of The Shining and *Demon Cut*.

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